Stop Relying on the Same Old Mortgage Leads.

Acquire Intelligence.

Stop Relying on the Same Old Mortgage Leads & Risk Assessment.

Acquire Intelligence.

aLEADS Enhancement

Are you a lender with mortgage or
home equity leads, interested in:

Generating more conversions

With no increase in volume

….with AI-powered propensity analysis of your existing leads?

Mortgage Risk Score

Are you a lender looking for a mortgage
risk assessment adjunct, to increase





while improving confidence in credit quality and decreasing risk?

Our Mission

The mortgage industry has entered an era of unprecedented activity with rates hitting all-time lows.  The ability to handle the surge in demand for new mortgages and refis is becoming a big challenge for mortgage lenders.  Which is why we developed aLEADS Enhancement.  aLEADS Enhancement is a data analytics and machine learning powered lead optimization platform which allows you to make fewer calls and focus on the leads which are most likely to convert.

Concurrently, overstated and understated credit scores are byproducts of socio-economic volatility.  Not all 700s are safe (nor are all 600s risky) even in the best of times.  Lenders need a plan to understand borrowers holistically, and then to originate, fulfill, buy, and sell most efficiently across all channels using those insights.  The actionable Mortgage Risk & Fairness Score is predictive data-diven “intelligence” to pro-actively manage COVID-19, credit quality, financial inclusion, and capacity risk.

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